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The CH-Rom-Statute Justification:

Their are every year ca. 7'650 cases (trial) removed from the EMRG law. So a very large part of all Swiss law-seekers (90% at BG /Federal Court).

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Mediation - Vermittlung 

Lawyer firms - Anwälte

Arbitration - Schiedsgericht


Schadenersatzklage ATCA

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Existential murder

In a lot of underdeveloped countries enemies are killed with violence. In developed countries often with «pseudo-justice». You can kill people on many bloodless possibilities. Existential murder: they ruined your financial and family living.

CH-shame & bluff

Swiss (shame) Federal Court Lausanne handled ca. 8'500 cases the year ! But only 2% (170x cases) are realy judget. The rest of 98% is not for interesting (8'330x cases). In the casino, the chances of winning are even better !

EMRK Strassburg

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Typ. CH-criminal act-D/E